About Us

Our Story

Our story begins with 4 friends trying to tackle a big problem we have been ignoring for decades.

Growing up in the 90’s, we were born into a world full of plastics. It is well known that plastic was never sustainable, but we were convinced that recycling could make it guilt-free to use. Until a few years ago, we started to see how broken the recycling system actually is.

Where does the plastics waste end up going?

In HK, only 1% of all plastic bottles (PET) ended up being recycled in 2018 and 2019.  Things have gotten worse since China, hosting the world’s largest recycling facilities, banned the import of plastic waste in 2017. All of the sudden the plastic waste that we have been shipping out to China to get sorted and processed for decades have nowhere to go. They will now end up in incinerators or landfills, or for the worse, developed countries have been paying developing countries such as Malaysia to dump them in their countries. 

If plastics are inevitable, choose those that are made from recyclables.

Looking around us we know that it is very hard to avoid the use of plastic in modern society. Given this, we hope to find a sustainable solution for our use of plastic and the waste that comes after it. We want to help create demand for plastic waste so businesses will treat them as resources instead of something they need to get rid of. We want to show them that more of us favours reusing post-consumer materials over new virgin materials. We want to displace the need for virgin material with recycled material that causes a lower environmental impact.

Every dollar you spend is a vote you cast for the world you want.

When you buy recycles instead of new materials, you’re supporting infrastructures that value reuse over-extraction. We hope that you would join us in this revolution, we hope that someday most of the plastic components that the world produces are made with recycled plastic waste and none of them has to go into incinerators, landfills or our ocean.  One may ask what if all the plastic waste on this planet were removed and repurposed for a second life, what would be the purpose of this business then? Well, isn’t that a dream come true?


Refusing to purchase plastic made products is certainly a way to use individual action to influence change, but for many, plastic offers a cheap and convenient solution. It’s not the consumer's fault when the environment we live in only offers unsustainable choices. That's why we are here to make a change by supplying people with ethical and sustainable options.